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founder and owner of amazing squirrel soundworks, is a multi-talented composer, producer and remixer. He received his first keyboard and a tape recorder at the age of twelve, and started to compose and record. He is trained in classical and jazz piano as well as electric organ, and had the opportunity to conduct and compose for a school orchestra, but enjoyed most to experiment with a growing collection of 80's synthesizers, always interested in combining music and technology. Based in Berlin during the 80's, he attended training courses in synthesizer music and studio technology, including workshops by New Age musician Nik Tyndall. In the mid 80's his compositions got airplay in a radio show dedicated to the electronic music scene, and he won a youth radio prize for a 30-minute spoof documentary he created with a friend. In the late 80's he arranged a series of disco events where he presented some of his remix work, and also created radio jingles for the events. After completing an engineering degree and gaining some work experience at television channel DWTV, Ralph re-located to London in 1995, and started to blend influences from Drum & Bass and garage pirate radio stations into his own songs. After a number of collaborations with London R'n'B artists he upgraded to a fully computer-based production system, also allowing him to work on video material. As amazing squirrel soundworks, Ralph is now working on audio and multimedia projects, with special interest in the areas of film music and remixing. He is also official music reviewer at His remixes of "Niamaj - Wake Up", "Noodle the Innocent Child - Ride Wit Me" and "Deep Velvet ft Melanie Weston - Over You" recently won prizes. He also composed the soundtrack for Eddie Saint-Jean's 2012 urban drama "Capsule", which premiered at Portobello Film Festival in London. Recent work includes US, UK and Japanese remixes.

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